The Magical Disappearing Blogger

Hello everyone, it's been a while eh?  I am sorry that I have not continued to regale you with tales of granny squares crocheted, faces painted and dolls' house stories.  I've missed the distraction myself really...

I've been meaning to post a message on here for quite a while but I've not managed to get round to it until now.  Needless to say, this is me saying goodbye.  There are a couple of reasons why this is so, the first being the continued lack of mobility in my right hand, which has now been properly diagnosed and has turned out to be a permanent condition.  Although I could theoretically continue crafting, it would cause me more pain than usual and I do still want to have an operational right hand when I'm fifty!  

The second, rather more exciting, reason, is that pastures new await, but I cannot say anything more as it involves letting down people who have no choice in the matter, and I haven't decided how to tell them yet.

So, dear fellow bloggers, here is my farewell.  Thank you for visiting me and leaving all your lovely comments, good luck with your blogs and thank you for making the world a slightly more beautiful place.  Perhaps, in a few weeks, and before this blog disappears, I will let you know where I'm off to.

C x