K-Pop and androgyny rock my world.  G Dragon of BIGBANG - a guy, by the way, in case you weren't sure - encompasses the awesomeness of both like a boss.  Vogue Korea, I love you.

I tried to recreate his 'Genie' photoshoot using only water-soluble face paints, which is no mean feat when it comes to getting the depth and quality of colour that oil-based and professional makeup gives.  It turned out ok, shame about the model...


Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor, please fix my flipping arm.  I'll pay you!  Yes, I am still a bit crippley at the moment, and a new university term has started.  I am already having dissertation supervisions even though my last two essays have not been handed in; as you can imagine, my mind is a bit full.

Some pictures of my beloved rocking house and dolls house instead, as my most recent painting is yuckypoo and I need to start a new one before I stop painting altogether!  The mischievous little miss eying up the gramophone is Camilla.  I'm always imagining scenarios for her - knocking Mummy's hats off the top of the wardrobe, having a teddy bears picnic in the bath, that sort of thing.  Yup.  Sad.

Painter's block

I have reached something of a wall with my current painting, mostly because I am not entirely pleased with the composition.  As I cannot post a piece of my work yet, here are some beautiful pieces by iiiis, which I have scanned from my book.  I'm feeling very much like the girl with the birds flying around her head at the moment...

計白當黑, ji bai dang hei, is the Mandarin term for the Chinese technique of leaving blanks of white paper in a watercolour painting.  The blank paper is part of the finished painting, an idea I personally like very much because I am very much of the 'unfinished' school; I cannot bear to, as it were, 'finish things' and cover a whole page with paint.  I remember my art teacher constantly chiding me for never completing a painting, so imagine how delighted I was to find out that not finishing things was actually an ancient and viable technique!