Doctor Doctor

Doctor Doctor, please fix my flipping arm.  I'll pay you!  Yes, I am still a bit crippley at the moment, and a new university term has started.  I am already having dissertation supervisions even though my last two essays have not been handed in; as you can imagine, my mind is a bit full.

Some pictures of my beloved rocking house and dolls house instead, as my most recent painting is yuckypoo and I need to start a new one before I stop painting altogether!  The mischievous little miss eying up the gramophone is Camilla.  I'm always imagining scenarios for her - knocking Mummy's hats off the top of the wardrobe, having a teddy bears picnic in the bath, that sort of thing.  Yup.  Sad.

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Raylee said...

love the rocking horse. looking forward to your next painting!