I don't know if anyone still gets my updates anymore, but here's to the few that do...

I am, as per title, off to China!  Needless to say I've had to set up my own site to get around the Wall, so if you're still interested in me and what I do, please pop along and say hello!  

The content of the site will mostly be about my life out there, as it's also a portal for keeping my family and friends back home in the loop with my goings-on.  But a few of you have said that you like the way I write, so what I can promise you is lots of pictures, anecdotes, and my style of writing.  Knicker-wetting humour is indeed one of my aims.

See you soon and zaijian!
Claire xxxx


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Wow! What an awesome opportunity!!! can't wait to hear about your adventures there. Good luck!

Raylee said...

so happy to hear from you. thanks for visiting our blog. love your writing style....always makes me smile....waiting to "see" China through your words!!