Hand will paint!

I can do some gentle painting today, the hand is a little less stiff.  I haven't used watercolours for a long time, so I felt the need to copy something in order to get back into the swing of things.  This illustration hasn't come from my own imagination I'm afraid, but from the beautiful ideas of a Chinese 'manhua' artist called 'iiiis'.  I picked up the book in a little manga shop in the old quarter of Jiangmen whilst I was living there.  I can never get tired of it and I constantly find new interest in every page, maybe I'll post some scans up soon.


Winnie said...

I'm glad that you managed to do something somewhat productive with your injured hand! Lovely painting as always...did you post some scans of the book in your old blog before?

Claire said...

Ta lovely ^^
I think I did, yes, but in the old blog and they were photographs not scans. I might pop some up next week. Or sooner, because I'm bored [-_-]


Lauren said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog. Your paintings are amazing x

Raylee said...

beautiful watercolour!.. thank you for participating in our birthday giveaway, we have posted the lucky person & the surprise gift.