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Enough of the word play Claire, we have important business to attend to!  I was, a while ago, nominated by the lovely Alex of miceandminutae for a Stylish Blogger Award,  and only last night she awarded me again with a Lovely Blog Award.  How chuffed am I?!  So I thought I'd best get off my backside and do my own nominations, as I have managed to forget for so long now that Alex must be growing old waiting for me to pull my socks up and get on with it. 

一    Sushi and olives are the only two things I crave more than chocolate.
二    My birthmark is shaped like an eye and is on the sole of my right foot.
三    My first car was a 1994 Italian Job original Mini.  I called her Honey.  She was racing green with a black roof and Italian Job trimmings, complete with flags on the seats.
四    I am not Italian.
五    My Mum taught me how to knit, my Nana taught me how to increase and decrease stitches.  Thrilling stuff.
六    I went to a private Masonic school.  Yes, they do exist and yes, it was posh and wierd.  I loved it.
七   When I was 13 I concussed myself falling over on an ice rink.  Before the accident I wasn't very good at school, after it I was a straight A student.  I think this is significant...
八    Put me near an ice rink and I'll cry.
九    My biggest fears are large ships and submarines.  My Dad thinks this is hilarious.
十    This is fact number ten.

Stylish Blogger Awards

If you like you can link back to me, write 8 facts about yourself, nominate 8 blogs and tell them.

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And just to tickle your taste-buds, if eyes have taste-buds of course, here is a wee glimpse of the beginnings of my next painting.


Hannah {Culture Connoisseur} said...

Well thank you much Claire! I humbly accept. It's my second lovely award and..well, that makes me feel lovely.

You deserve these awards! I love your off the cuff writing style! :)


essemm said...

Thank you Claire....I see we're in good are well deserved lovely as well....

Hello Naka said...

i love the colour of the lips eautiful. I wish I could create such detailed and elicate work! ad thanks you for the tag aswell :)

Ashley said...

I loved learning those things about you! And thank you for nominating me, that's so sweet, but I must admit that I haven't the slightest idea what to do, being relatively new to blog etiquette:)
I can't wait to see the finished product of your painting!

jess said...

Thanks for the award.