Grannies, Packages and Pancakes

For the life of me I don't know why I get up so early in the mornings, but when there are scotch pancakes with golden syrup on the menu it doesn't seem quite so hard to emerge from hibernation.

I spent most of Sunday teaching myself how to crochet granny squares, having finally found the most fantabulous and instructive how-to series over at meetmeatmikes.  If there's one thing that's tricky to get the hang of with crochet it's making good square corners; this tutorial will transform you into a corner queen in no time at all.

 I've also been putting a package together for my dear friend Toni, who teaches English at a university in China.  We spent a whole year living there together in 2008-09, working at a school in Guangdong.  When we returned to England and she went straight off to university to do an MA,  I flitted about for a year not knowing quite what I wanted or who I was.  When Toni went back to China  I started uni again doing the same Masters in English teaching.  Now I'm getting ready to up-and-off again to East Asian waters as soon I have finished my MA, and I am sure our paths will cross again.  Watch out China!

I crocheted the string, used the tissue paper my Doctor Martins came in to wrap two cotton dresses for her, and as she is so obsessed with rabbits I gave her one of my favourite Belle & Boo postcards that I got from Paperchase a while ago.   My vintage copy of I Capture the Castle, one of my favourite books in the whole wide world, adds the finishing touch of whimsy.


Winnie said...

Loving the look of the package bound for China! I'm sure she'll love it. Loving the granny squares and I much prefer the background to your blog than the one before! Me likey.

Claire said...

Thanks Win ^-^

Yes, I thought this background was much better too - much more crafty and fresh and Springy. I worked out that I'm currently crocheting at a rate of one granny square per hour. That's not good... lol >-<


Winnie said...

Claire you crazy nut haha! Whatever happened with your work eh? I can imagine you stocking up on a helluva lot of wool when you start your part time job. The haberdashery at John Lewis will start to recognise you!

Lillabilly said...

Meet Me At Mikes was where I learnt to granny from too! Doesn't Pip's tute make it just so easy?? Loving your blog so far...I'm definately going to be dropping back in!