Re-working vintage

I blogged about this vintage jumpsuit last Spring in the old slightlynoodles, and I have to admit that although I am still in love with it, I have never worn it.  The trouser legs have always been slightly more ankle-flappy than is generally acceptable in respected fashion society, and until now I have been loath to try and adjust them as I am without a sewing machine.

Loath No More!  In one of my recent poor-as-a-poor-person forays into Primark [yes, I know, sorry], I picked up a pretty daisy print playsuit that, despite being appallingly cut around the bust, is a really good shape on my lower half.  It gave me an idea for re-working my jumpsuit and I have set about pinning and cutting up the legs,  the off-cuts of which I plan to use to layer the shorts so I can flounce about in the finished piece pretending I have hips and a waist.

Recently I have loved following the second-hand adventures of Marisa at newdressaday.  She has got the art of re-working down to a T and, despite the fact that I will have to hand-sew everything I do, she has inspired me to give it a go.


La Belle Avenue said...

Hi Claire,

looks like you have a great start. Look forward to seeing your new designs! PS. loving those pins your using!

raylee said...

love this colour & the print, will come back to see the alteration. granny squares look great too!