A tyrant spell has bound me

Not so long ago upon a time, I became rather enamoured with the pretty, mod-con ease of Tumblr and in a mad moment I deleted my blog, slightlynoodles.  A few months down the line and my fingers are itching to write again, and properly this time.  For a person who goes a bit weak at the knees for fancy font palettes and techy floaty backgrounds, resistance has proved futile and I have ended up running back to the motherly Blogger bosom after all. 

Direction was sorely needed, therefore I have conspired with my anti-Masters-studying alter ego to write a blog about my favourite procrastination activity, crafting.  In my crafting I worship my nancy, my needles and my n-n... other sewy things that begin with 'n'.  Needless to say, this has galloped as far as the Etsy bandwagon, and I have started to set up a shop there that I hope to get up and running by Easter.  In the meantime I hope to fill this blog as often as I can with interesting tidbits of crafty fantabulousness, and I hope readers will leave me lots of comments and suggestions that will wash me a-glow with smiles when my alter ego is poised considering life and the view from the edge of the department roof.

So dear Blogger fellows, until we meet again, with the wishiest of wishes from a slightly damp and chilly Birmingham,
Noodles x
[Alas I have not been able to retain the exact URL, so now I am slightly dash noodles, but I think I can control my anti-dash twitch sufficiently enough...]

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